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Why Choose Us?

It’s simple…PERSONAL SERVICE and a lawyer who gets to know YOU!

You are not a “case” or a “claim” or a “file.”  You are a CLIENT with your own unique problems or injuries that may be serious or life-altering and you are scared and you feel alone. 

When you want to speak with me, you get to speak with me – not just to my paralegal or staff member.  Your call is important and your visits to the office are too.  I want to talk to you and take the time to get to know you and listen to you and your family.  

You matter and because I am and stay informed about you and your case, I am prepared and able to speak for you with understanding and integrity, speaking your truth, expressing your feelings; solving your problems. Helping you along the way, however long that takes, and not just on the day you sign a fee agreement. 

Because of my wide variety of life experiences, I have learned that you and your problems are not solved with a one-size-fits-all approach.  Sometimes a lawyer has to be subtle, other times aggressive, or perhaps clever and still yet at other times disarming.  If I understand you and your problems, then I can choose a strategy that best serves you.

A lawyer must have more than one tool in the toolbox to be successful. If the only tool I had was a hammer, I’d treat every client and problem like a nail and that’s not the most effective strategy to achieve the best result for you.